Is Oolong tea or Green tea better for Weight Loss?

Is Oolong tea or Green tea better for Weight Loss?

Both oolong and green tea are often promoted as a health and weight loss product. Yet, for many consumers it’s not really clear which one is better. There are some surface differences: green tea is- obviously – green, and oolong tea is often light brown. What is the difference between green tea and oolong tea?

It’s All About The Process

The real difference between oolong and green tea is in how they’re processed.

Oolong tea is partially fermented, while green tea is unfermented. Partially fermenting the oolong tea means that it is partially oxidized, which is why it’s not quite the dark brown colour of black tea, which is fully oxidized. Green tea isn’t oxidized at all.

Oxidation refers to the process through which tea leaves are exposed to oxygen, resulting in a chemical reaction that causes browning. In turn, this causes the leaves to dry. As a result, the taste becomes quite different for oolong tea, giving it that unique flavour you know and love.

Which is more healthy: oolong or green tea?

First of all,different teas are made from different cultivars, both oolong and green tea offer significant health benefits that make them both excellent choices. Oolong generally has a stronger flavour than green tea, and comes in a variety of tastes – from woody types to florals.

While all tea contains catechins, green tea contains more of them than oolong. As a result, green tea tends to contain more antioxidants, which help burn fat and stimulate the mind. It also contains a significant amount of bioactive ingredients, which are great for overall health and maintenance, as well as building up walls in your body that protect against the formation of free radicals.

The health benefits of green tea are undeniable. However, in return, oolong tea has many things that green tea doesn’t offer.

Oolong tea is known to boost bone health, decrease inflammation, improve gut function, and help fight obesity. Some studies have shown that it has some boosting effects on one’s metabolism. Additionally, drinking at least one cup per day has been linked to reduced symptoms of eczema.

Which is Better for Weight Loss

Can’t Decide Between The Two?

Both teas taste great and blend well with so many other ingredients, providing you with a variety of ways to enjoy your tea. Whether you like it hot or cold, there are enough ways to fuel your body just by drinking your favourite cup.

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