Vietnam’s tropical climates is best to grow mangoes.It is branded as one of the best-tasting fruits ever. With a large variety of mangoes avaiable, they are abundant from February to May in the South and May to September in the North.

1.Chilled Mango Cheesecake

Everyone’s favourite dessert made with the most popular fruit! Cheesecake is the dream dessert we all crave and when it is made with cream, hung curd and mangoes, it just can;t get any better! Round off an idyllic afternoon with friends by turning the spotlight on this stunning, impressive dessert. This recipe replaces cream cheese with hung curd and regular cream.

 2.Eggless Mango Mousse

A light and lovely mousse to sweeten the prick of the sunniest of days. Juicy mangoes, fresh cream and the aroma of cinnamon make it the perfect summer dessert. This is a refreshing, cool dessert to beat the summer heat.

3.Mango Ice Cream

What can be better than a home-made ice cream on a hot summer’s day? Just a handful of kitchen ingrediets and mangoes is all it takes to make luscious, delicious scoops of mango ice cream. We show you how to make ice-cream at home without an ice-cream maker and in few simple steps.

4. Avocado Toast With Mango, Chili Powder, and Mint.

The tartness of mango is great for cutting through the richness of luscious avocado, but of course the acidity of the mango depends on how ripe it is. If you have super ripe mangoes, you may want to add a touch more lemon juice to this avocado toast construction to ameliorate some of the sweetness. Chili powder is a relatively common accent for mangoes, and it adds a bit of (necessary) heat, and the mint’s herbal bitterness rounds out the full spectrum of flavors.

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